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Halfway House
Series 10 Episode 5

Charlie is unhappy when Baz suggests they `grab a couple of hours` after the shift. He later tells her that it would be nice to be asked rather than told. However they agree to see each other after work. Peter arrives with flowers - it's their anniversary and Baz has forgot. He tells her that he will take her for a drink after the shift. Peter asks Charlie for his help in raising the profile of his company. Charlie says he'll look into it and Peter shows his gratitude by inviting him to join he and Baz for a drink before their anniversary meal. Baz approaches Charlie and tells him she's sorry but has to cancel their plans to go out with Peter. He says he knows about their plans as Peter has invited him too. Baz is astonished and pleads with Charlie not to go. He however revels in the irony of it and decides to join the happy couple. When he follows them to the wine bar he sees them get out of their car together and decides that he can't go in. He hastily reverses his car into a skip before speedily driving off and leaving his rear light shattered on the road.

Quote of the Episode

PETER: She doesn't like me getting involved in her territory
CHARLIE: Yeah, I know what you mean