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Castles In The Air
Series 10 Episode 16

Rachel asks Baz what she's going to do about the baby. Baz says she's not getting rid of it if that's what she means. Seeing she's hit a sore point Rachel apologises for interfering, Baz says she is going to tell Peter. On the night she wants to talk, Peter receives some good news about his job. Despite her protests he tells her that they can talk later, this is a great start to a new year. Charlie and Ash watch from a window as Baz unhappily gets in the car with Peter. Charlie tells Ash that he didn't ring Zoe and Ash suggests that he should forget about Baz. Charlie says he knows Ash is right but he knows he can't let go when he sees Baz and Peter kiss.

Quote of the Episode (on telling Peter about her pregnancy)

BAZ: I have to tell him
RACHEL: Is that before 'Auld Land Syne' or after?