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Lost Boys
Series 10 Episode 15

A Christmas episode full of Baz and Charlie moments which leads us to discover history is repeating itself. Mike tells Baz that her other tests came back fine, however he points out that she is still looking unwell and asks her if there is a possibility she could be pregnant. She insists she isn't and as she walks away in shock she finds herself staring helplessly at Charlie and Zoe. Charlie notices her and asks if they can talk, when he says it's not work related she's says she's too busy. Baz disappears to her office and we see her crying over a pregnancy test. She is then paged and hurries off leaving the test on her desk. Charlie takes her to one side and says he's sorry about Zoe turning up before, she hastily replies that if his little friend was the biggest problem in her life she'd be shouting from the rooftops. Whilst doing a favour for Baz, Rachel notices the test on her desk. She confronts Baz and offers her congratulations, she then comments that Peter will be surprised. Baz says 'he'll be surprised alright, you see Peter can't have children'. Knowing about Baz and Charlie's affair, Rachel realises that Charlie is about to become a father. At the Christmas ball, Peter accompanies Baz whilst Charlie is with Zoe. Charlie takes a seat next to Baz and wishes her a merry Christmas. He says that he wanted to buy her a present but wasn't sure if she'd accept. Before she can reply Zoe interrupts and demands a dance from Charlie. As Charlie takes to the floor with Zoe, Baz quietly says `Don't you be too sure Charlie`. During the final dance Baz and Charlie gaze at each other, both unsure of what the future holds for them.

Quote of the Episode

CHARLIE: I just wanted to say, I hope you have a happy Christmas
BAZ: and next year all our troubles will be far away
CHARLIE: I was going to buy you a present but I didn't think you'd accept (Zoe drags him away)
BAZ: Don't you be too sure Charlie