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All is Fair
Series 10 Episode 13

Baz avoids Charlie's questions as he asks her how it went with Peter. At a meeting for the charity ball, Charlie bumps into Peter and wonders why he isn't upset, angry or in need of an explanation. Charlie realises that Baz hasn't told him about their affair. At the end of the shift Charlie orders Baz into his office. She says that she couldn't tell Peter because he has problems at work. She also reveals that she has left the hotel and gone back to him. Charlie is angry and says he doesn't understand how she can live with someone she doesn`t love. She says that in a way she still does love Peter because they've been together for a long time. Charlie gets even more stressed and asks Baz if she's still sleeping with Peter. She says she is and informs Charlie that she is considering moving elsewhere if them working together is going to be a problem. He storms out and when she walks to the car park she sees him leaving with Zoe. He glances at her through the back window and she once again fights back the tears.

Quote of the Episode

BAZ: He needs me
CHARLIE: I need you