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Bringing It All Back Home
Series 10 Episode 12

Baz is in a foul mood. She is still staying at the hotel and doesn't appreciate Charlie's constant prying. At the end of the shift he asks her if she is going back to the hotel and she snaps that it is none of his business. By the look on his face she realises that she's hurt him and they talk in his office. She tells him that she and Peter rowed because he wants children. Charlie asks her why she doesn't want to have kids. Baz says that she does but it's not that simple as Peter can't have children and they'd have to adopt. She tenderly says she can't do that because she keeps thinking back to all those years ago when she terminated her pregnancy to Charlie. She asks Charlie to come back to her hotel, he says he will but only on the condition that tomorrow they tell Peter everything. Baz agrees but says she'll tell Peter.

Quote of the Episode

CHARLIE: People don't leave home because they're not very good company
BAZ: This person has