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When All Else Fails
Series 10 Episode 10

Baz spends the shift chasing Charlie around as he continues to ignore her. She tells Laura rather loudly that Peter will be away for a few more days. Charlie overhears, but chooses to ignore her. When Charlie finally listens to her, she pleas with him to go out to dinner with her so that they can talk. She says she's sorry for what is happening but argues that she can't walk out on Peter while he's not even there. After they are interrupted by Kate, Baz tries again to ask Charlie out, he stuns her by saying he's busy tonight - he's taking someone out! He tells her that he's fed up that everything always revolves around she and Peter. He says it's now time for him to enjoy his life. At the end of the shift Baz is doing some paperwork when she is approached by a woman asking after Charlie, Baz tells her he's on another ward but should be down shortly. When Charlie arrives, both Baz and Rachel are shocked when he escorts the woman out. She is his date. Baz leaves her seat and walks out, fighting back the tears.

Quote of the Episode

BAZ: You can hardly expect me to walk out when he's not even there.
CHARLIE: I don't see why not, you did before