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Family Values
Series 10 Episode 1

As Casualty returns we're all asking the same question: did they or didn't they? They did! As Baz prepares for her interview for a permanent post in Holby, Charlie hands her back an earring he found 'under the bed'. They try several times to have a heart to heart but are constantly interrupted by new S.H.O Daniel. During her interview Baz has a change of heart and says she needs to think about committing herself to Holby. Newly returned Mike is furious as he has put his neck on the line by putting her forward for the job. He asks Charlie what the problem is but Charlie says he didn't think there was one. At the end of the shift Charlie asks Baz if her indecision is because of what is happening between them. She says it's not but he doesn't believe her and she angrily wishes him a good weekend before walking out him.

Quote of the Episode (Baz on her missing earring)

BAZ: I've been looking for that for ages
CHARLIE: Maybe you're looking in the wrong place