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Baz to make shock Casualty exit

Teletext December 2003

Julia Watson's character Baz is to die in a shock storyline planned for Casualty next month.

Julia, 50, who returned last month to add to ex-husband Charlie Fairhead's torments, told TV Plus: "Baz will die in a car crash in January and I think because of the hard time she has given Charlie over the years that some fans will be delighted that she dies.

"I felt a little bit sad filming my death scene as I realised that I'd never be going back to the show."

Julia insisted that she shouldn't be covered in fake blood for her death scene: "Fake blood is so disgusting and I didn't want to be covered in it. I was a very demanding victim so viewers will see very little blood.

"I was happy for Baz to die but I told the BBC that I didn't want to end up in resusc with gore all over me."

The death means the end of an era for Julia. Baz has flitted in and out of the BBC1 drama since her romance with Charlie began in 1986. They've wed and divorced and since her return in November with their son Louis, eight, and new spouse Dan, there has been an uneasy truce between them.

The big question now is if Louis will stay with Charlie after Baz's death.